600mm Induction Hob, Zoneless, Frameless

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An induction cooktop works by using magnetic energy to heat the pot or pan, put simply – the pot is the element. The latest technology of zoneless induction cooking allows you to place pots and pans of various sizes anywhere within the zones and the cooktop will automatically recognise the pot. This 600mm zoneless and frameless induction cooktop features a flexible cooking area consisting of two independent inductors with separate control, touch control, timer and child lock function for the serious entertainer and beyond. 

NOTE: Some manual version describes this model as having a boost function but unfortunately there is no Boost function on this model



  • Power Settings: 9
  • Hob Type: Zoneless induction
  • Control:  Touch
  • Functions: Timer, child lock
  • Cooking area: Flexible (2 x independent zones with separate controls)
  • Surface: Easy clean
  • Safety: Excessive heat protection
  • Heat Indicators: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Power Supply: 25A electrical outlet