900mm Digimax Canopy, Slim Pyramid

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This sleek touch control panel is easy to use and offers a selection of fan speeds that easily remove steam and cooking smells. Operated by a separate touch control button, the halogen lights provide illumination over the entire cooking surface. The aluminium filters effectively catch grease and are designed to be easily removable, easily cleanable and dishwasher safe. 



  • Canopy Style: Slim pyramid
  • Speed Settings: 4
  • Air Movement Capacity: 1000m3/hour
  • Grease Filters: Full width, removable
  • Filter Material: Aluminium
  • Controls: Touch
  • Display: Digital
  • Lights: Halogen
  • Chimney Cover: Not Extendable
  • Remote Motor: Not Compatible
  • Additional Functions: Timer
  • Ducting: 150mm
  • Noise: 47db


T4-13 dimensions

  • Width: 900mm 
  • Depth: 480mm 
  • Height: 1180mm