GBC LAMINATING POUCH A4 125 MICRON PK25@Free Delivery National Wide

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Product Description

Gbc laminating pouches provide superior document protection. Featuring the highest quality materials, gbc pouches are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Product Specifications


•  Product Code
:   BL125M25A4
•  Designed For
:   Notice signs, certificates & arts/crafts
•  Pouch Thickness
:   125 micron
•  Product Size
:   A4

Product Features


•  Protect and enhance your documents with these premium quality laminating pouches
•  Ideal for items such as photos, notices, instructional materials and frequently handled documents
•  Lamination will extend the life of any document, while providing protection against tampering
•  Made from a high plastic composition for a firm, glossy finish
•  Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses
•  Signature laminating pouches that feature embedded instructions (Vanish on use)