MARBIG® CHAIRMAT P/CARB CARPET ALL RECT 90X120@Free Delivery National Wide

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Product Description

The ultimate in surface protection due to its incredible durability, high clarity and rigidity. Polycarbonate is the same material as used in bullet proof glass and aircraft windows!

Product Specifications


•  Product Code
:   87190
•  Material
:   Polycarbonate
•  Product Size
:   90 x 120cm
•  Best for
:   Any pile carpet up to 15mm thick
•  Body Type
:   Rectangular shape
•  Warranty Period
:   5 years

Product Features


•  Perfect for protecting carpet from heavy machines, chairs and high traffic areas
•  Made from extra strong 100% recyclable polycarbonate
•  Fire resistant, odourless and emission free
•  Super smooth surface - slide on, off and around with ease
•  Notched stud design ensures carpet grips for stability